Maxilux Zenigata 4.5w LED MR16 Cool White


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Maxilux Zenigata MR16 LED Cool White


Maxliux Zenigata COB 4.5w LED MR16 Lamp.

NEW : anyone who knows about LED lamps should tell you that they need a special tranformer to work properly - so how are we now able to offer you a lamp that works with your existing electronic transformer?

Simple - the electronics inside the Maxilux Driverless are SPECIFICALLY designed to take the "dirty" signal from a standard transformer and "clean" it into the constant current supply required by the LED! The result is a lamp you can plug into your existing set up and reasonably expect it to operate normally without compromising the long term reliability - these are a few exceptions where it might not work in which case you can of course return it for refund, but all the transformers we have tried have been fine.

* DIMMABLE - depending on the dimmer switch and transformer you have this lamp can dim smoothly and effectively but the only was to gurantee this is to try it as there are simply too many variables for us to test every single combination available. They do, however dim best when used with a low load dimmer switch.

The light from this lamp is a lovely cool white which spreads evenly over a wide area and in terms of physical size it is only a little larger than a standard halogen lamp.

Beam angle 60 degrees so no spotting on the floor.

Please note that this product will not work with a 12v DC supply - so you cannot power it directly from a battery.

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