Under Cabinet LED Strip Lighting Kit


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Under Cabinet LED Strip Kit

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Designed to provide you with everything you need to light up to 3m of under cabinets workspace in your kitchen to create that fantastic look you see in magazines and show houses. Includes self adhesive LED strip along with everything you need to construct, power and control the system.

Installation is simple - the strip is self adhesive and tough - it's even water resistant so don't worry about getting it wet. Your kit includes corners and cables to bridge kitchen appliances such as dishwashers or cookers.

Switching is by a low profile Sensor Switch - position it out of sight and then a gentle wave of the hand in from of the sensor will switch everything on or off.

The strips are of differing lengths for maximum installation flexibility and don't worry if you find you need a lilttle bit more strip - the power supply is capable of running up to 10m in totoal so just but the extra strips and plug them in!

It's a complete, modular system thats easy to understand and even easier to install with NO electrical knowledge and NO special tools required!

Each piece of FlexConnect strip has male and female connectors on each end so you build up your required strip length by plugging the strip together - for a 1.5m length just plug the 0.5m into a 1m - it takes seconds! Obviously you can add more as you like or if you need to extend your FlexConnect round corners just clip in the appropriate corner cable!

Perfect for use in kichens - light up underneath the cabinets and the difference is amazing!

Included in this kit:

5* 0.5m LED Strips
1 * 20watt Power Supply
2 * 10cm Corner Cables
2 * 200cm Interconnection Cable
1* Sensor Switch
1* Y Splitter

Full Instructions are included.

This kit contains our standard power 3528 strip which consumes just 4.8w per m yet gives a bright even light along the whole length.

If you need extra parts to complete your system then your can order everything on the same page if you click here

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