Flexible strip lights

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Flexible strip lights

Flexible strip lights

Flexible strip lights (sometimes called LED tape) have exploded in popularity in recent years due to its versatility, unique and eye-catching appearance and efficiency. Flexible strip lights can be used almost anywhere that they can be stuck, thanks to a strong adhesive backing. You can create unique atmospheres and visual effects that were not previously possible with the added benefit of low power consumption and excellent reliability. Our IP65-rated Flexible strip lights are designed for use in potentially damp areas making them safe for use in bathrooms and kitchens, so long as the Flexible strip lights themselves are not submerged in water.

What are Flexible strip lights?:

Our Flexible strip lights are a 10mm wide strip of evenly spaced LED's (light emitting diodes) with an adhesive backing for quick and easy installation. They are designed to be mounted out of the line of sight, for example under a kitchen cabinet facing down, to provide an evenly distributed light that is ideal for secondary illumination or effect lighting. They are most commonly utilised in the home as kitchen cabinet lighting, both under and inside units.

Putting together Flexible strip lights is not as complicated as it may initially seem. The fundamental components are a power supply, some connecting cables and of course, some Flexible strip lights. Being low-voltage, all Flexible strip lights require a suitable power supply to reduce the voltage and produce enough output to power the length of strip you require. Unsurprisingly, longer lengths of strip require larger power supplies.

A note about Power Supplies - Some confusion can arise with the terminology surrounding power supplies. In the context of Flexible strip lights Power Supplies are often also referred to as Drivers or Transformers.

Flexible strip lights provide you with the opportunity to create unique lighting effects in a wide range of applications. The installation process is generally quick, simple and non-destructive to the mounting surface thanks to a simple yet strong adhesive-backing that runs along its entire length. There are a range of options to suit different requirements.

Installing FlexConnect Flexible strip lights:


FlexConnect Flexible strip lights are designed with simplicity and ease of installation in mind. Where existing Flexible strip lights need to be cut to length and painstakingly soldered together, FlexConnect simply plugs together using push-fit connectors. The 3M adhesive-backing allows you to fix in place in seconds without having the damage the mounting surface with screws or pins.




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