1m TuffStrip 3528 LED Strip Warm White


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1m TuffStrip 3528 Warm White

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A TuffStrip Warm White LED Strip module. Fully flexible with waterproof epoxy coating, these LED strips are compatible with the following Flexconnect products:

- Inside Corners
- Outside Corners
- All Interconnection cables
- Wireless Dimmer and Remote
- In Line Switch
- 48w and 72w Drivers

Each metre of strip consumes 4.8w of power so you can create a chain of strips to a maximum length of 15m (assuming you use the 72w Power Supply - remember this is the length of strip used - you should not include interconnecting cables in this calculation.

Technical Specifications

Power Consumption : 4.8w/m
Operating Voltage : 12v
LED Type : 3528
Operating Temperature : -20 to 55c
LED Density : 60 per metre
IP Rating : IP65 with epoxy backing
Cut points : 100mm
Self Adhsive : 3m Tape backing
Beam Angle : 120 degrees

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YourWelcome are a UK based supplier of lighting for both domestic and commerical applications. We offer a well-proven range of GU10 and MR16 LED bulbs as well as many different types of downlighter fittings to mount them in. Our range of LED strips from FlexConnect contains everything you could need to create your own custom LED strip lighting. We also stock traditional halogen light bulbs our focus is on sourcing optimum quality low energy light bulbs, with a strong interest in LED light bulbs.

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