Maxilux Zenigata LED MR16 & Transformer


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Maxilux Zenigata LED MR16 & Transformer

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Built around the revolutionary Sharp ZENIGATA LED, this lamp offers a fantastic light output with a 60 degree beam angle meaning it's perfect for general lighting without shadowing. The beam angle at 60 degrees is wider than a standard halogen lamp, the light is perfect for all over, general lighting with no spotting effect. You can replace existing 30 - 40w halogen lamps and achieve a much more even lighting effect.

The LED itself is flat and the housing features a mirrored finish and a high grade optical lens to disperse the light over 60 degrees which is more than a standard halogen lamp.

We have demonstrated these lamps to some major London hotels and ALL have said yes - the light quality is now excellent and they will be using them to replace existing halogen lamps to reduce energy costs WITHOUT compromising the look and feel of the Hotel.

This lamp is supplied COMPLETE with a high specification 6w constant current driver to ensure long term reliability. This means that if you are updating existing installations then you must replace your existing transformer with the LED driver we supply.

What's good

- Extremely even light distribution
- Excellent light colour

What's not so good?

- Slightly more involved to install as the existing transfomer must be replaced.


Bulb Technical Data
Voltage 12v
Wattage 4.5w
Base MR16
Life Span over 30,000 hours
Guarantee 3 years
Light Colour Cool White and Warm White 3000k - 4000k
Beam Angle 60 Degrees - wide

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