Maxilux Dimmable Zenigata 4.5w GU10 LED Cool White


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Zenigata 4.5w GU10 LED Cool White


Now you can change those 50w Halogen lamps WITHOUT losing the ability to dim your lamps. Built around the new Sharp COB 4.5w ZENIGATA LED, this lamp offers a great light output with a 60degree beam angle meaning it's perfect for everyday lighting without spotting on the floor.

Works with standard dimmer switches

We have tested these lamps with several dimmers and all is well, however we cannot guarantee the same level of performance with every dimmer. It's best to use trailing edge dimmers if possible.

These are amongst the highest power GU10 retrofit LED's you can buy and with such a low power consumption they will pay for themselves in as little as 8 months and they are perfectly suited to situations where lamps are on for long periods simply because the payback period will be shorter.

Size is everything

Only slightly longer than a standard halogen lamp at 47mm and suitable for use in downlighters, these lamps offer a really widespread and even beam and yet they consume just 4.5w of power (remember that even though the LED is a 3.6w unit it does require some additional circuity which brings the total power consumption up to 4.5w).


It's well known that LED chips are generally reliable but what's less well know is that the componants that sit behind the LED and make it work are much less reliable UNLESS the correct ones are specified - cheaper lamps will use cheaper unbranded Chinese capacitors rather than more expensive Japanese ones as we do. It's these capacitors which fail before the LED and that's basically the end of your lightbulb! In our view there is no point having a good quality Sharp LEDrelying on 2p componants to keep them going - they may cost more but it's worth it in the end!

The other thing to consider with qaulity LED's is something called lumen maintenance - this is where the light output decays over time. On cheaper, non branded LED's this can mean in as little as a year your LED has lost 30-40% of it's brightness - quality LED's such as the SHARP Zenigata will lose just 5% of the output over 5000 hours!

That's why it's worth paying a little more for these lamps!

The LED itself is flat and the housing features a high grade optical lens to disperse the light in a 60 degree beam - we have demonstrated these lamps to some major London hotels and ALL have said yes - the light quality is now excellent and they will be using them to replace existing halogen lamps to reduce energy costs WITHOUT compromising the look and feel of the Hotel.

Low cost of ownership

We know these lamps look expensive but as with so many things you get what you pay for - many LED's will suffer from serious loss of light over a relatively short period of time but with the SHARP module you will lose just 7% over 10000 hours so you can be assured of continuous, long term performance.

Long-lasting and very, very cool

Lasting up to 50 times longer than halogen light bulbs, ZENIGATA LED light bulbs are easy to fit and cool to touch unlike halogen light bulbs they don


Bulb Technical Data
Voltage 240V
Wattage 4.5w
Base GU10
Equivalent To 35-40w
Life Span 40,000h
Guarantee 3 Years
Light Colour Cool White
Beam Angle 60
Dimmable Yes

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