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Which Colour GU10 LED Bulb?

October 12, 2012   

The colour of the light that your bulbs produce can have a drastic effect on the atmosphere of the room they are lighting, so choosing the correct colour for your application is critical. The light colour produced by a bulb is referred to as Colour Temperature (see our guide to Colour Temperature for more information) and GU10 LED bulbs for domestic lighting are commonly available in two Colour Temperatures, Warm White and Cool White.

Warm White aims to replicate the colour of traditional lighting, with a soft, slightly orange/yellow hue, making it ideal for use in areas used for relaxing, such as bedrooms and lounge areas. It does not illuminate quite as brightly as Cool White but has a much more homely feel. Warm White is normally around 2500-3500K on the Kelvin scale.

Cool White is whiter in colour and has a clean, clinical appearance which often appears brighter than Warm White equivalents. This makes it ideal for use in working environments where good illumination is required, such as in kitchens, offices or workshops. Cool White is normally around 4000-5500K on the Kelvin Scale.

Different manufacturers interpretations of Warm and Cool White can vary significantly, so don’t be put off if you have tried a Warm White bulb in the past that has looked too yellow or a Cool White that has been too white, most companies offer easy returns so you can try the bulb in your home before committing to an expensive outlay.

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