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Using Electronic Transformers with LED Lamps

June 16, 2010   

The standard view is that this is not a good idea – so why have we done it?

Well first of all lets look at why it’s not normally a good idea. Basically a high power LED requires a constant current supply to operate properly and reliably. They do not like “spikes” surging above the standard supply as these cause the LED to degrade prematurely plus if the transformer does not have current control (which electronic ones do not) then if the supply current exceed the maximum rating for the LED it will be degraded leading to premature failure.

So why have we tried to do something about it? – simple really – ease of installation. If you are faced with the choice of simply swapping lamps then this is a straightforward internal maintenance task, however if the transformer also has to be replaced then it not only takes longer but also requires a qualified electrician which obviously pushes up the cost.

How have we overcome the problem? We started with a clean sheet of paper and instead of designing internal protection circuitry which tried to be al things to all men, we designed it to operate specifically with electronic transformers – in fact the Maxilux MR16 LED doesn’t operate with a conventional constant current LED power supply! It basically takes the “dirty” signal from an electronic transformer and “cleans” it up into exactly the right kind of signal for the LED so maintaining long life and reliability. Simple.

Jon Morrissey
June 12, 2013 at 3:09 pm

I’m looking to change my old 50W MR16 lamps for new 6.5W LED replacements but still retain the original transformers which are electronic.
My question is, will the transformers still pull 50W of power with the new 6.5W led lamps?
Many thanks.

June 26, 2013 at 10:24 am

Hi Jon,

The lamps will draw current up to their rating only so there will be lots of capacity in the existing transformers, some transformers work better that others, no reason not to try your existing.


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