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Silicon vs Epoxy Coating on LED Strip

July 2, 2012   

TuffStrip LED StripWe are now starting the process of moving all our TuffStrip LED Strip away from the standard epoxy coating towards a silicon material. Whilst epoxy is OK, as part of our process of product improvement, we have found silicon to be a better material for the following reasons : read more …

Luminous Efficiency in Light Bulbs

October 26, 2011   

In a 120 volt, 100 watt “standard” bulb with a rated light output of 1750 lumens, the efficiency is 17.5 lumens per watt. This compares poorly to an “ideal” of 242.5 lumens per watt for one idealized type of white light, or 683 lumens per watt ideally for the yellowish-green wavelength of light that the human eye is most sensitive to. read more …

Light Bulb Burn-Outs

September 26, 2011   

How Light Bulbs Burn Out

Due to the high temperature that a tungsten filament is operated at, some of the tungsten evaporates during use. Furthermore, since no light bulb is perfect, the filament does not evaporate evenly. Some spots will suffer greater evaporation and become thinner than the rest of the filament.These thin spots cause problems. Their electrical resistance is greater than that of average parts of the filament. Since the current is equal in all parts of the filament, more heat is generated where the filament is thinner. read more …

FlexConnect LED Strip Kits in stock now!

July 15, 2011   
RGB LED Strip Lighting a Bar

We are pleased to announce the introduction of the latest FlexConnect LED Strip Kits. The aim here is to provide a complete, easy to use solution in a single box – LED Strip assembly does not have to be difficult of complex.

read more …

Vacuum vs. Gas-Filled Light Bulbs

March 26, 2011   

At first, incandescent bulbs were made with a vacuum inside them. Air oxidizes the filament at high temperatures. Later, it was discovered that filling the bulb with an inert gas such as argon or an argon-nitrogen mixture slows down evaporation of the filament. Tungsten atoms evaporating from the filament can be bounced back to the filament by gas atoms. read more …


5 Reasons to use Integrated LED Downlighters

January 7, 2011   

If you

Promotion, Exaggeration and Lies – selling LED lamps!

January 6, 2011   

You know I get sick and tired of seeing inflated claims from impressive looking web sites claiming to have “the most powerful LED lamps”, or “we are the largest

FlexConnect – LED Strip lighting installed in minutes.

January 5, 2011   

Coming soon – FlexConnect – the LED Strip lighting system you can install in minutes with NO TOOLS and NO EXPERIENCE.

Based around a “Plug and Play” system, you can choose from a range of precut size strips which simply snap together. You can add extension cables or

Dimming LED Lamps

September 24, 2010   

Dimming LED lamps is nowhere near as simple as halogen lamps where a simple change in the voltage will provide smooth dimming. LED

What can you do with LED strips?

July 5, 2010   

The possibilities of LED strips are endless. Just have a look at the effect they have on an outdoor decking area! Just to clarify, the strips used are not the ones we sell, ours offer an even larger range of colours and control options.