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Installing Downlights

September 26, 2012   

Fire Rated Ceiling DownlightCeiling mounted downlights are quickly becoming the standard way in which to light most household environments. Unlike many existing light fitting options, spaced downlights are able to provide even light coverage across a room with minimal shadowing.

The body of a standard downlighter is recessed into the ceiling space, leaving just the lens of the lamp and front face of the fitting on display, providing an attractive and practical light source.

Installing downlights is as simple as cutting a hole to the correct diameter in the ceiling, attaching the required cabling and pushing up into position.

They are held in place with hidden retaining clips which snap into position when pushed up into the ceiling from below. Removing downlights is simply a case of removing the lamp, gripping the inside of the fitting and pulling it down clear of the ceiling. To remove completely, detach any cabling and lift clear.

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