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How Bright Are LED Light Bulbs?

October 12, 2012   

As an emerging technology, LED lighting is improving rapidly. Gone are the days of only being used for secondary lighting, many high-power LED’s are now more than capable of lighting rooms well, with much the same light output as traditional halogen bulbs. Judging how bright particular bulbs will be can be something of a minefield as the usual measure of light output, lumens, is often exaggerated hugely by manufacturers.

High lumens figure combined with low prices should be treated with caution though to help you in broad terms a halogen GU10 produces around 320 lumens

January 3, 2013 at 9:59 am

Hi, I am looking to replace my 35w GU10 halogen kitchen lights with LED GU10′s. what is your reccommended wattage? and what is the difference between warm white and cool white?



David Williams
February 3, 2013 at 11:32 am

I purchased 16 x 5watt MR16 LED lights, these are equivalent according to the web site to 50 watt halogen bulbs. I am using these in my kitchen which was pretty bright with the halogens.
When I originally installed the halogens I started with 20 watt but I found they were not nearly bright enough, so I replaced them with 50 watt, job done good level and spread of light.
The 5 watt LED lights were extremely poor, I would estimate they were only really equivalent to about 25 watt but the spread of light is very poor. I have now gone back to the halogens untill I find a better LED replacement. I shall be returning the LED lights to the supplier, who knows what hassle that may bring.

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