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Colour Options for LED Strip Lights

October 11, 2012   

TuffStrip LED StripThere are two main types of LED strip that we offer, Single Colour and RGB Colour Changing. The Single Colour strips produce a single static colour which can be dimmed with the correct dimmer unit but the colour cannot be altered. These are our most popular strips and most commonly used to illuminate kitchen cabinets and units. RGB Colour Changing strips are capable of producing a wide range of vibrant colours that are fully user-controllable using the correct RGB controller.

Both Single Colour and RGB options are available as Medium Power and High Power output options to cater for different light level requirements.

Cool White

Cool White is a clinical, very white light that is ideal for use in work areas such as kitchens and complements contemporary interiors well. It has a high colour temperature of 5500K to closely emulate daylight.

Warm White

Warm White has a slightly yellow tint which emulates more traditional lighting. It’s lower colour temperature of around 3500K is more suited to relaxing areas such as bedrooms or lounges or in more traditional interiors.


Fairly self-explanatory! This is a vibrant blue light that is ideal for effect lighting.

RGB Colour Changing

RGB Colour Changing LED strip is capable of produce a wide range of colours by mixing Red, Green and Blue. We offer a choice of RGB controllers that are supplied with remote controls for easy colour and mode selection. Colours can be selected from a range of presets or created by the user and a range of modes allow full control over how the light is displayed, whether it be static, flashing or fading between colours. You can control the speed of colour changes as well as the brightness.

RGB strip is ideal for effect and entertainment lighting and is commonly used in bars and nightclubs for eye-catching highlighting effects.

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