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Category Archives: LED Strip Lights

Colour Options for LED Strip Lights

October 11, 2012   

TuffStrip LED StripThere are two main types of LED strip that we offer, Single Colour and RGB Colour Changing. The Single Colour strips produce a single static colour which can be dimmed with the correct dimmer unit but the colour cannot be altered. These are our most popular strips and most commonly used to illuminate kitchen cabinets and units. RGB Colour Changing strips are capable of producing a wide range of vibrant colours that are fully user-controllable using the correct RGB controller. read more …

Where to use LED Strip Lights

October 11, 2012   

RGB LED Strip Lighting a BarThe ease with which FlexConnect products can be connected together allows for an almost endless number of possible uses, from obvious home interior lighting through to lighting for signage and motorhomes. Being 12v it can easily be connected to battery supplies for use away from power sources and its adhesive backing makes mounting on any relatively flat surface a breeze. Below are some common applications to give you an idea of how our products are generally used. read more …


LED Strip Lights – The Basics

July 9, 2012   

FlexConnect LED StripLED Strip uses a series of low voltage LED’s mounted on a strip (obviously!). There are different types of LED offering different levels of light output but all are reliable and cheap to run. As they are low voltage they will require a power transformer (often called a driver or power supply) to reduce the mains voltage to 12 or 24v as required.

read more …

Silicon vs Epoxy Coating on LED Strip

July 2, 2012   

TuffStrip LED StripWe are now starting the process of moving all our TuffStrip LED Strip away from the standard epoxy coating towards a silicon material. Whilst epoxy is OK, as part of our process of product improvement, we have found silicon to be a better material for the following reasons : read more …

Wiring LED Strip Lights

June 3, 2010   

All of our LED strip is rated at 12v and therefore require the appropriate 12v LED driver (transformer) if your system is to be connected to the 240v mains supply.Our large LED drivers 45w and 150w versions are pre wired with cable tails for you to connect to, the mains supply side having three cables, positive, negative & earth. read more …

LED Strips – Buying Advice

June 3, 2010   

LED strip provides you with the opportunity to create lighting effects in a whole range of applications. Our range of LED strip covers two types of strip, fixed & flexible. The flat LED strip is available in 300mm lengths, the white being a rigid bar whereas the flexible strip is available in 300mm lengths or the 5 metre rolls that can be cut at specific points along its length. read more …